Slem's Pet Care!

Hi! I'm Cindy B. and I am very excited about caring for your pets!

I have been married for 28 years and have two grown sons who are out on their own. I have one grandson, 1 and half years old, and of course, is just awesome. My husband is retired and I retired the end of August, 2013 from St. Louis County Government. They say that when you retire you should do something you love and working with dogs and cats is it. I also volunteer for an animal rescue group, St. Animal Pet Adoption (S.A.P.A.). I have been volunteering with them for the last two years. We work with all kinds of dogs and cats at our shelter. At the shelter we walk the dogs, clean their pens, administer medicine and give the animals lots of love and attention. I serve on the board as vice president, work the adoption events, foster dogs, and right now I am fostering 8 cats. Personally, I have two dogs of my own and three cats. So the animals keep me pretty busy. Besides volunteering with the rescue group I also love to work in my yard. I find it very relaxing and therapeutic.

Stephen and Christina reside in Wildwood, MO with their son Brendan. They have a new dog, Irwin, who they just adopted from Senior dogs 4 Seniors, a cat Cleo, two birds, Rico and Chico, a hamster named Daisy and two betta fish, Simon and Harry. Stephen and Christina grew up primarily with dogs, cats, fish and birds. They have had pets most of their married time together and are very happy that their son shares their love of animals. 

In the past, Stephen has worked as both a kennel and vet assistant and since Christina shares his desire to help animals, she has always volunteered with him. Stephen is a freelance musician and educator in the St. Louis area. He is Principal Horn with the Illinois Symphony Orchestra, performs on many occasions with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, the Fox Theater, and the MUNY. He teaches many private students and works extensively in the Rockwood School District. Christina has a degree in Music Education, and that is how they met.  She has worked in finance for many years, is a published children’s author and has just completed a musical based on her books. Brendan is in Boy Scouts, enjoys swimming, playing piano and of course, animals.

We love taking photos and will keep you updated via text messages, images & video, or through facebook or emails of your pet(s) outing!

Something else you need? Let us know! Just like your pet, we'll do just about anything to satisfy you!

One weeks notice and $10 extra charge for holidays.

At our no-cost meet greet, we will get to know you and your beloved pet(s) and learn what you expect of our services. You will receive a packet with list of references, copies of driver's license, and a copy of criminal background checks.

Rates and Services:

Overnight Service: We will stay with your pet overnight with care the following day: (We are currently not accepting new clients for this service.

$70/night (includes care the day of, AND the following day). A minimum of 12 hours per day/night spoiling your pet and care is customized--we always make sure we are there at critical times in your pets schedule: feeding, walking, let out, etc... Each overnight is customized to fit your pets regular routine.  For example, if your pet eats at 3:00 p.m., we are there. Need medicine at 5:00? We are there.
We will give full love and attention to your pet(s) for 12+ hours minimum each day. This includes 1-2 walks/day (if desired). If you live within 10 miles of 63114, we won't even have to use your shower/bath :-) and we always bring our own food (for us, not your pet(s) :-) 

Overnights include: #1, spoiling your best friends, feeding/water and giving medications to your pet(s), watering plants, turning lights on/off, taking out the trash, cleaning litter box, newspaper and mail retrieval, yard work if requested, house cleaning, etc etc...pretty much anything you would be doing if you were at home (and if there is anything specific you may need done, just let us know).  AND, keeping you updated via your choice of text, photos, videos, emails, etc.

Daily pet visits: 


Visits include letting pet out into fenced yard, play, food/water, litter box cleaning, hugs & kisses, etc.. 30-45 minute visit. *

Dog walks (total of 35-50 minutes):

$19.00/walk. (OR $18/walk for ongoing 4+ walks/week) We spend a total of 30/35 minutes with your pet.  You tell us if you want the walk to last 15, 20, or 25 minutes.

Away-from-home assistance package: 

$17/visit (add $1 per walk) 3 or more x's/day

while you are on vacation or gone for the holidays (including feeding and giving medications to your pet(s), we will let pet outside 3 or more x’s/day, play, hugs & kisses, water plants, turn lights on/off, take out the trash, clean litter box, newspaper and mail retrieval.  Each visit will last a minimum of 30 minutes.* Rate is limited to within 10 miles of 63114

Yard Clean-Up

$20.00 (Free with overnight services/and on walks of course :-) This rate applies to medium size yard, 1-2 dogs, and areas within 10 miles of 63114. 

Pet Taxi/Transportation: 

$15 per half hour.*

*If you own 4+ animals, rates increase by $3.00/day NOT by # of pets

Services & Rates

If it is overnight service you are needing, keep in mind while you compare rates, that our overnight charge includes care throughout the night AND the entire day. Other Pet Care providers charge extra for visits throughout the day (their 'overnights' might last 12 hours, for example: 8p.m-8a.m.) They then charge extra (per visit) for care throughout the day.  We charge one flat fee, always have, always will.


​Please note: The following rates apply to locations within 10 miles of 63141.  However, for those that are further out and need temporary daily visits or overnight stays, we can try to work something out, contact us!

Welcome to


I am 34 years old and started my animal experiences at 12 by volunteering at a small pet store and working my way up through dog kennels, horse stables, and veterinary clinics. I have experience in handling and caring for all shapes, sizes, and species of animals from pocket pets and reptiles up to horses and ruminants. I am currently employed as an animal control officer in the St.Louis area (now for 12 years). I own two dogs and usually have a foster pet or two on top of my three human kids. I love meeting new pets; if I could, I would have "them all"...but I cant, so I look forward to meeting the individual personalities of your pets and caring for them as if they were my own.

Hello! My name is Michelle. I have been around pets all of my life. I grew up with cats. However, I adopted my first dog 4 years ago after volunteering for a local shelter. I absolutely love my dog as well as my cats. I currently have 1 dog and 3 cats.

I have volunteered for Stray Rescue and I currently volunteer for St. Animal Pet Adoptions (SAPA) in St. Ann. I am on SAPA’s board and I am their volunteer coordinator. I work shelter shifts that involve feeding all cats and dogs, administering their medicines, clean litter boxes, cleaning cat and dogs pens, walking dogs and of course giving all of our shelter animals lots of love and attention as they prepare to find their forever homes.  I am also involved with a hiking club through Stray Rescue called Four Directions Hiking.  A hiking group will go out on local trails and each person in the group will take a shelter dog to hike with and to help socialize them and get them away from the shelter for a while.


Meet Donna:

 Donna is 52 years old and for 40 of those years, animals have been her life.  She has over 30 years of experience with and enjoys all animals: dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, rabbits, fish, ferrets, hamsters, mice, horses, etc. 

Donna is an animal rights activist and affiliated with ASPCA and a member of United States Animal Protection Group and Missouri Animal Rescue. She previously transported dogs and cats from Kill shelters via Rescue Angels on Wheels and many other groups. 

(If you know of any animal in an abusive or neglectful situation, contact Donna!)


Hi!  I have grown up with dogs, cats, birds, and even a leopard gecko.  I have a 19 year old son, Kyle, and two cats Jazmine and Storm.  They are my life.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to volunteer with Shelter Friends, located at St. Charles City Animal Control and SAPA (St. Animal Pet Adoptions) in St. Ann, Mo.  I have various responsibilities, including but not limited to: walking dogs, cleaning kennels, cages, and litter boxes, networking the animals to find them homes, play time, and giving lots of love.  I also assist with St. Louis, Mo. Lost & Found Paws: a great networking tool that reunites animals with their owners.  My dream would be to find every shelter cat and dog a loving home!  One day at a time!